How It Works


1. BCH Players is a Matrix program.


2. There are no monthly subscriptions.


3. Every member can have only two referrals in first line of downline structure but can have as many positions as they  want without having to sign up again and again.


4. The program has 4 matrix plans, it is a 2x2 team forced Matrix.


5. You pay the US Dollar value of $10 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Payouts are calculated once you cycle a level. You get paid the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) value of the payout at the market value at the time of cycling.


6. On this page you can see the earning table at the top and you will probably understand how it works immediately      after you take a closer look at it.


7. To be qualified to receive withdrawals,members must have at least one matrix position active, and at least one direct referral joined with his link, no matter where in your downline structure.